Take Charge of Your Wealth

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In this LIVE Masterclass


Why you’re feeling anxious and ashamed about your current money situation and how to transform that

 How the wealthy think about money

A simple yet powerful tool to take real action towards wealth

This Masterclass is a MUST ATTEND if …

✓ You’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious about money

✓ Your net worth is dismal despite working 60+ hours per week

✓ You want to learn how to start building wealth

A Personal Invitation from Bonnie

I’m a physician, a mom, and someone who figured out how to get rid of over $200,000 of student loans and credit card debt.

Just like you, I:

✓ Had to work hard to become a physician

✓ Found myself struggling with credit card debt and student loan bills, so I never felt like I could really get ahead.

✓ Had to overcome significant mindset blocks and beliefs about money.

I went on a quest to learn everything I could about getting myself out of debt and creating financial reserves. And now?

✓ I eliminated those debts.

✓ I can practice medicine in a way that feels good to me--and right now that means “living la vida locums” anywhere in the United States. (Next up: Hawai’i!)

✓ I don’t have to work full time anymore--instead, I can spend more time with my growing family.

If you’re committed to making 2019 the year you take control of your finances, I can’t wait to slash that learning curve and help you get there faster.

See you there!

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